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My name is Dimiter Tsonev, I am 35 years old and currently reside in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have graduated at Sofia University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics with a Master degree in Informatics. My main occupation so far is project manager and senior software developer.
The profile that I have pursued in my last year of studies is "Programming environments" and my thesis treats context free grammars and language analysing. Some of its elements are implemented in almost all of my projects since they usually contain their own internal language for better flexibility.
My long devotion to the firm I am currently working in has proved my being flexible and patient. I am responsible for a variety of activities to be carried out by an IT professional, from the design and programming of computer systems, through testing, maintenance and support; training of users; setting up and administrating local networks based on Windows NT/2000, IT consulting and hardware assembling. As a project manager I am used to dealing with short deadlines and on a day-to-day basis and through it have strengthened my organizational skills and my ability to prioritise work.
As a programming environment in the last 6 years I am mainly using Borland Delphi but I have a strong knowledge and experience also with PHP, DBMaker, MSSQL Server 7/2000, MySQL, C++ (for the purposes of DBMaker stored procedures and DOS programming). As you can see in details in my resume there are a great variety of large SW products that I have developed exclusively by myself or with my team. These products are in use in some of the most popular companies in Bulgaria - Bulgargas (www.bulgargas.com), Bulstrad (www.bulstrad.bg), Bourgas Airport etc. and in many foreign representatives - WURTH, BOSH, L'OREAL, Oriflame, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, K&N, WELZ, Palfinger, Computer2000 and many others (about300).
All of the products are highly dynamical applications for data storage, processing and analysing. Some of my major works are: Integrated system for planning and managing the import-export activity, filling and processing different types of documents for the purposes of Bulgarian Customs; Warehouse under Customs' control; Picture analysing program for generating tapestry schemes.
Along with these stand-alone applications I have a considerable experience in the fast growing field of web developing. There are two sites, e-shops, which I have built entirely by myself. At a conceptual level these are also products with a very dynamical and automated structure provided with easy to use administrative module for the site management by the client. I have also created many others "little" programs, some of them as inner modules of other programs, the others as particular and practical tools.